versions of batman i actually like:

  • actual honest to god mystery/crime solving batman, with actual mysteries and crimes to solve (very very rare)
  • silver age + adam west batman, goofy and fun and charming as hell
  • batman as figure who wants nothing more than to have a family and is desperately trying to figure out how to actually be a good parent/move away from the constant war

versions of batman i can’t fucking stand

  • "batman is the best because batman"
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Steal His Look - Clay Puppington
31 Gallon Steel Trash Can - $26

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Trey Parker and Matt Stone on acid at the Oscars, 2000.

»We said, We can’t say anything about them. Nothing about the dresses. No matter what they ask us. So everyone would go, Guys, what about the dresses? Why the dresses? And we’d go, Magical night tonight. Just, all the stars are out! […] I also remember, actually, then having to sit there in the actual Oscars, and you’re coming down off the acid. So you’re simultaneously coming down, and you’re having to now sit through the Oscars, which sucks. There were people there that were like, Dude, this is my big night. Fuck you. It was the funniest thing to us.«
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Brock Samson’s porn 

brock confirmed for yiff loving fuck


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This perfectly summarizes why I love the Simpsons and hate Family Guy. 

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lmao i dislike children with a fiery passion, but if one wants to talk to me or w/e im nice to it. its a child. it is completely dependent on its parent, and doesn’t know better.  It’s not it’s fault that it’s shitty. and kids usually grow out of their shit behavior. i did.

so be nice to children okay. even if ya dont like em.

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Alright Soccer Dog: the Movie is soooooo boring, except for that one kid, he’s hilarious. But he didn’t have nearly enough screen time. I mean, why even bother with the boring family and boring dog.

I would’ve made the movie entirely about that mobster kid and his dad fixing kids soccer games. And I would’ve had him quote more gangster movies, maybe stab someone in the throat with a pen. Now thats a movie.

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This kid, holy shit!

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They disqualified him?? They’re taking the only good character out of the movie????

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The mobster kid just punched to coach in the balls!! He punched him in the fucking balls!!

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